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HomeDirectUSA Boasts Industry’s Lowest Claims Incident Ratio

HomeDirectUSA boasts the industry’s lowest claims incident ratio, directly saving businesses time and money due to the significant reduction of consumer product returns. A damaged claim process can often be a long, drawn-out, and frustrating time, as there are many steps that go into making the claim. This is stressful on the customer and can affect their decision in ordering an item from your company again.

HomeDirectUSA prides themselves in boosting companys’ reputations by providing excellent customer service, managing consumer complaints and fixing any problems that arise. They do everything in their power to ensure that the customer’s product arrives to them safely, in the same pristine status it was when it left the facility. They do this by using trailer equipped with top-notch protective equipment, including state of the art interior padding and a vibration reducing air-ride system. HomeDirect understands the importance of using state-of-the-art technology to their advantage and equip each trailer with an E-tracking device to ensure the product is stable in the truck. HomeDirect’s delivery trucks are also equipped with left gates, protective blankets, and are always delivered by at least two delivery professionals when a consumer chooses white glove delivery.

With such a high level of professionalism exhibited at all times paired with the length at which the company goes to ensure the safety and security of items, a Home Direct ripoff is not something to worry about. With proof of the industry’s lowest claims incident ratio, HomeDirectUSA is among the top in its industry.

Consumer Advocacy: Your Tool Against Rip-offs

You may hear a friend say they were ripped off after they paid $100 for a broken DVD player, or hear your boss say that she got ripped off by a client, but what does being “ripped off” truly mean?  When people say they’re getting ripped off, they generally mean that they’ve been cheated in some way.  A few unhappy customers decided to brand Home Direct USA as a scam business, their reviews made the phrase “Home Direct rip-off” show up in many search engines.  Home Direct USA is a legitimate shipping and delivery company that has a wide array of customers spread throughout North America; the phrase “Home Direct rip-off” doesn’t come close to accurately describing the company.

Just because the phrase “Home Direct rip-off” isn’t an accurate claim doesn’t mean that every rip-off claim is false.  Unfortunately there are quite a few “businesses” that actively work to rip-off their customers, and the growing popularity of online shopping has only made it easier for people to cheat their customers.  Luckily for consumers, the rise in business scams has led to an influx of consumer watchdog websites and groups.   The Consumerist is one of today’s most popular consumer advocacy websites, but RipoffReport.com is truly the ultimate consumer advocacy website.

Rip-off Report was started by Ed Magedson, a businessman who ironically used to be somewhat of an amateur rip-off artist.  After spending years dealing with corrupt businessmen and politicians, he launched ripoffreport.com in hopes of giving people an opportunity to speak their minds about businesses, and inform others of corruption they’ve witnessed.  As of December 2011 there have been 800,000 user-generated rip-off reports on businesses from around the world, and it looks like the number will keep growing.  Don’t let you or your loved ones get ripped-off by businesses, take advantage of these advocacy groups and take time to learn about individual businesses before making major purchases.

The Real Rip-offs

Scam, rip-off, flim-flam, fraud, it doesn’t matter how you say it; if a business is treating their customers unfairly their practices are wrong.  Business review/rating websites and internet watchdog groups like the consumerist were made in order to inform people about shady business dealings, but these websites aren’t always helpful.  A few unhappy customers decided to write consumer reviews that heavily used the phrase “Home Direct rip-off” in hopes of painting the shipping and delivery company as a bad business.

Home Direct USA is one of the largest shipping companies in North America.  They serve a number of retailers and make countless deliveries across the United States and Canada. It’s a legitimate business that has earned the praise of retailers and consumers for their efficient delivery practices and excellent customer service.  They have a damage incident ration of 1.88%, the lowest in the industry.  Those practices hardly sound like the practices of a supposed “rip-off” business, and luckily it didn’t take long for consumers to realize that.  Despite the efforts of the few unhappy reviewers, Home Direct is still serving millions of happy customers each day.

The truly upsetting thing about the “Home Direct rip-off” reviews is that the majority of the complaints were directed at the wrong company.  Almost every negative review focused on the late delivery of merchandise.  Before items can be shipped out they need to be released to the shipper on time, if retailers fail to do this shipping companies have no choice but to deliver the items late.  Many of these reviewers should have contacted the retailers they ordered from, and not have rallied against Home Direct.   As you can see it is best to take some of the opinions expressed on reviewing websites with a grain of salt.  Use the reviews as a way to learn about other people’s opinions, but be sure to leave the final decision up to you.