Home Direct USA

The phrase “Home Direct ripoff” has been used by unhappy customers to describe the business, but in reality that phrase couldn’t be further from the truth. Home Direct USA is the highest-volume and fastest growing delivery company in North America. Their 1.88% damage incident ratio is the lowest in the industry and their shipping and customer service techniques make them stand out among other companies in the shipping industry. They service fill supply-chain solutions for retailers, e-tailers, catalogers, and distributors and ship a variety of home goods.

Home Direct USA uses the best and most up to date technology for their deliveries. Their proprietary order management system Directware captures and reports all of the significant events during an item’s shipping and delivery process. Their website HomeDirectUSA.com is easy to navigate and was designed to help retailers and customers learn about everything the shipping and delivery company has to offer.

It was already mentioned that phrases like, “Home Direct ripoff” and “Home Direct scam” aren’t true, in fact Home Direct reviews are normally very positive among retailers and shipping customers.  If you’re wondering about what you can do to get better reviews on your shipping and delivery services, look at what Home Direct does to earn their rave reviews.

Low Damage

When you’re at the supermarket you know you have a bad bagger when your eggs are bagged with a sack of potatoes and soda bottles.  Some shipping companies seem to learn their practices from inefficient bag boys; many companies give little regard to what they ship together and ship by location, not by load type.  A shipment of delicate lamps and décor items could be shipped with bulky couches and chairs simply because they’re going to the same place.  If you want your company to have a lower damage ratio simply ship like items together. That simple act significantly cuts down on item damage during deliveries.

Great Coverage

If you want to have an efficient shipping company, you need have a substantial amount of delivery terminals in your service area.   Delivery terminals distribution areas are one of the most important locations for shipping and delivery companies.  They process each incoming and outgoing delivery, and they’re normally a package’s last stop before they reach their final destination.  Operate each of your distribution centers like they’re the corporate headquarters for their area, have information on every package that comes through your doors available to your employees.  That way they’ll be able to handle specific customer complaints and regional issues without needing to constantly check with corporate higher ups.

Superior Equipment

A business that uses inferior products most likely won’t be a success, in order to succeed in the business world the latest methods and tools are needed.  Use top of the line equipment to ship your products, superior tools make superior businesses.  Your trucks should be equipped with some sort of Air-Ride system, that way your shipping loads remain steady and safe when they’re on the road.  Also be sure to have complete tracking for your customers, they should be able to see where their goods are through-out their entire deliver, not just when they’re shipped and when they arrive.